Chris Ryall                             


Areas Of Practice:

Commercial litigation

  • Advice, injunctions, pleadings and procedure, trials, and appeals
  • All state courts and tribunals, Federal Courts and FWC
  • Real property- purchase and sale, leases, caveats
  • Contract
  • Building and construction
  • Insolvency/debt recovery
  • Companies
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct
  • Trusts and Equity
  • Finance and securities including PPSA
  • Employment-restraint of trade, unfair dismissal, discrimination/adverse action
  • Intellectual property-copyright, passing off, confidential information, trademarks
  • Defamation

Personal injuries

  • Plaintiff/defendant
  • Work injuries, motor vehicle accident and public liability
  • Inquests


  • Wills and Estates
  • Family provision
  • powers of attorney


  • Property disputes in family law
  • Native title

Professional History

I have more than 30 years of continuous experience as a barrister and solicitor practising in civil litigation.


I have been a member of the Queensland Bar since 1999.


Prior to that time I practised as a barrister and solicitor in Perth, Western Australia for 10 years and then for three years as a solicitor in Cairns.